Sangam20, AIOUG Conference, 3-20 December 2020

I will be speaking at the Sangam20.  It is entirely online this year over 12 days in December.

Further Adventures in Active Session History
(Friday 18th December, 5.30-6.30pm IST / 12pm-1pm GMT)
Active Session History can tell you far more than simply how much time was spent in a particular SQL statement. This presentation shows how to deal with some of the challenges of manipulating ASH data and various ways to use it to investigate performance problems. Including:
  • Dealing with the consequences of literal values in SQL,
  • Adaptive Plans,
  • Multi-node RAC systems,
  • Analysis of PL/SQL.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of parallelism.
  • Tracking transactions and executions.
  • Analysis of sources of I/O.
We will also look at some of the things that can go wrong with ASH and AWR, and how to work around them.

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